So you’re thinking of investing in a classical guitar made by one of the great master luthiers. Thank your lucky stars you don’t play the violin and you’re not up for millions but a master guitar can still be the best part of $100,000 That’s a lot of money for a working musician but master guitars like works of art are appreciating assets and not a bad place to invest your hard earned cash. If you’re working as a musician or music teacher you can also investigate leasing to minimize your tax and balance your cash flow.
Here we have two guitars a 1976 Ignacio Fleta e hijos. Cedar top Indian rosewood back and sides.
The players choice, powerful and very responsive to a powerful right hand technique.
The guitar that set the template for the contemporary Cedar guitars.
And a 1971 Daniel Friederich Spruce/ Brazilian.
Beautiful tone and great playability, reminds me of what is lost on many contemporary guitars.

Both guitars are under $40,000 US or if you’re purchasing from an auction $29,500 before hidden costs (the 23% + buyers premium, tax, storage, packaging and courier insurance costs.)
Both are playable and versatile, 650 scale, and won’t fall apart when you take them to Paris for that recording session. Most importantly they are guitars that you can’t put down and give you that ahaah feeling every time you pick it up.

Both guitars available for sale at Rick Falkiner’s guitar centre for $39,000US export price or $55,000Aus including GST.