Russell Cleavland book


IMG_3585-1My association with Dan Kellaway goes back many years. Back in 1995 Dan who was luthier in residence at my shop in Oxford st Paddington was restoring a Julian Gomez Ramirez guitar that ended up in the Russell Cleavland collection. So I asked Dan to make me a guitar that sounded and was braced like the Ramirez but had a cut away, pick up, Panormo style headstock and neck profile similar to a Kohno to suit the gigs I was doing at the time.
The guitar has served me well and not only performed well at gigs I’ve played in Tokyo, WomAdeliade and the Sydney festival but is also one of the few guitars that really projects well acoustically.
Tommy Emmanuel was recently really so taken by this guitar so I’ve decided to have Dan make another one.
I ordered it last month at a cost of $6,500. Here is a photo of the back and sides being made. I hope it sounds as good as Dan’s Classical I currently have listed on my site.