Vicent Hao Xu guitar on order

I’ve known Vincent for some time, he is an excellent player and has a true love and understanding of the Spanish guitar. I first saw one of his guitars a little over a year ago and was very impressed not only by the build quality but the tone and response, it was very similar to an early 20th century Santos Hernandez. After a long wait, my guitar is almost ready. here are some pictures during construction. Vincent’s contact.

Domenic Roscioli guitar on order

Adelaide luthier Domenic Roscioli is currently making me a cedar guitar inspired by the great Fleta e hijos guitars of the 1960 and 70s and Thomas Humphrey’s raised fingerboard design used by the Assad brothers.
Domenic does beautiful work, the guitar will feature Ziricote back and sides French polish. I can’t wait to play it in January.


I’ve just received a new batch of of my Cedar-lattice braced arched back classical guitars from Yulong Guo’s workshop. The sound and build quality is of a very high standard.


It’s so good to be able to offer a contemporary classical guitar with 20th fret, arm rest, brilliant playability that really responds to right hand technique for under $2,000.


I commissioned a guitar from Andrew Doriean last year. It’s a Cedar fan braced guitar with Ziricote back and sides. Andrew has started the guitar and just sent me some work in progress pictures.

Ziricote is a beautiful exotic hard wood that isn’t on the CITIES list ( yet) I’m also loving the hand made rosette.I thought a set Alessi tuners and carbon fibre case should also do justice to his craftsman ship.I can’t wait to play the guitar.


I’ll be heading to Adelaide international guitar festival on Thursday the 9th to display some guitars over the weekend. It’s a great lineup as usual with the Beijing guitar duo, Chrystian Dozza, Derek Gripper, Martha Masters to name but a few.LINK …


I now have stock of left-handed and 640 scale William Falkner Lutherie guitars. Now you lefties can finally have an arched back lattice guitar with a sound port for under $2000.