1944 MARTIN D-18



The blueprint for the 20th-century steel string guitar featuring the magic combination of scalloped X braced Adirondack top and 1 11/16 neck width. Serial number 88209 left the Martin factory on the 7 of June 1944. Due to wartime restrictions this guitar was made with an ebony truss rod giving the guitar a beautiful balance weighing in at only 3.84 lbs.

The guitar is in great original condition, it has a small repaired crack from the pickguard to the bridge and a small repair and crack on the sides that were attended to many years ago. The tuners have been replaced and it ships in a modern case. TJ Thompson recently set the guitar up with a compression fret reset and replacement bridge he also commented that the bridge plate is original and he didn’t think it’s ever had a neck reset. I have 12 to 53 on the guitar at the moment but it can be safely strung with mediums. If you’re after a killer D-18 old woody’s your gal.