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1995 Jose Romero Flamenco blanca

Rick Falkiner's Guitar Center » 1995 Jose Romero Flamenco blanca

$4,950.00 $3,950.00


José Romero is a very well respected luthier having trained in the Ramirez workshop in the 1960’s and 70’s.
This beautifully hand crafted guitar has all the attributes of the Madrid school, like a cross between a Ramirez, Condé and Arcangel.
The tone is powerful but with a subtle oud like overtones.
The late Ian Davis ( UK) loved Romero guitars and used them extensively.

The guitar is in very good original condition with only one small  repair where a pick had been fitted.
it has some normal playing wear and a couple of string bites behind the bridge.

Fan braced European Spruce top
Cypress back and sides
Ebony 660mm fingerboard, 52 mm at the nut
original hard case
3mm on the bass side at the twelfth fret.
2.5 on the treble side at the twelfth fret.