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Fender Telecaster Blonde 1956
Fender Telecaster Blonde 1956
Fender Telecaster Blonde 1956
Fender Telecaster Blonde 1956


Fender Telecaster Blonde 1956


1956 Fender Telecaster. This guitar features an older body refinish, in translucent Blonde Nitro Lacquer, by Fiesta Finishes™. The neck is refinished on the back, and on the fingerboard, however, the face of the headstock, features all original finish, with no overspray. The decal is 100% original. Frets are original with some wear but very playable. There are no modifications to the original tuner holes and no extra hole for an additional string tree.

The original masking tape, signed by Gloria, is still intact in the control cavity, with a date of 3/14/56.

The guitar features original pickups, pots, switch, bridge and saddles (with angled adjustment screws), Pat Appl. single line Kluson tuners, strap buttons, neck plate, control plate, knobs etc. It's all there.

The original pickguard had one extra hole just in front of the bridge between the D and G strings. The hole in the body was filled before the refinishing and is invisible. The hole in the guard has been professionally filled and the repair is visible only under extremely close inspection.

The guitar, of course, features a fabulous V- neck that is to die for. The sound of the guitar is divine. The serial number is 09982. The guitar weighs 7.8 lbs. The original neck pickup measures 6.6K Ohms. The original bridge pickup measures 6.3K Ohms. The big V neck measures .919" at 1st fret and .989" at 12th fret.

The guitar ships in an original tweed case with red plush lining. (handle has been replaced and one lock in damaged but still works)